A popular question County officials get asked is “How do I get to play for the County?” so, listed below are the things we look for in a County player. You will more than likely start representing your County in the 2nd team, this will either be through playing County Golf through the junior team or by gaining a handicap low enough to represent the men's team. We tend to look for a player to have obtained a handicap of 3 or better, or to have a good match play record (therefore it's important to be part of your Club's scratch team).

In addition to playing in their Home Club Competitions, players should also be competing in County Open events. Derbyshire hold 3 main Open events every year - Henriques / Leo Feeney, Derbyshire Amateur Open and The Orr Cup.

These events must be supported by County Players, you cannot expect the county to fund player's expenses & coaching and in return not support the County in its main events. As well as the Derbyshire County Open events, we also like to see players entering Midland Order of Merit events, a list of which can be found on the Midlands Golf Union website ( www.midlandgolfunion.co.uk). A player needs to show that they are capable of taking their game to new Courses and displaying good course management, after all, our league matches are held at different venues home and away some of which you won’t have played before. In order to play for the 1st team you need to be playing for the 2nd team regularly and winning your singles matches from the top of the order, there is quite a difference in the levels of game from the 1st team and the 2nd.

The 1st and 2nd team captains give up a lot of their own time in sorting out teams and coaching and unfortunately we cannot see results for all the category 1 players within Derbyshire, so we also rely on word of mouth from current team players as to who is playing well. At the end of the day if you are interested in playing for the county and can commit to supporting the County events then contact us and let us know your interest, the secretary can forward your details to the captain.

We hope this information gives you an insight as to what we look for, if you have any questions then you can either forward them to the Secretary for us to answer or come and see us at County events.

The Derbyshire Captains, Dan Housley and Sam Glossop.

Ladies Seniors' Team

  • Do you have a handicap of 18 or less?
  • Do you admit to being 50 or more years old?
  • Do you enjoy matchplay?
  • Are you competitive?

If so, you are eligible to join the senior section!

The section formed in 1996 held its first seniors championship later that year. Teams from Leicestershire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Yorkshire challenge us to matches each year, alternating between home and away fixtures.

Matches versus the Derbyshire Senior Men and the County Ladies 1st team are keenly contested. Matches are usually played on a scratch match play basis and are self-funded by the players involved.

Would you like further information?

Contact: Pat Holloway, Seniors' Captain

Derbyshire Ladies Veteran Golf Association

How To Join

In January Membership Registration/Application Forms are sent out to club DLVGA reps or in the absence of a nominated rep, to the club's Ladies Secretary, for all members interested in playing in the DLVGA matches and competitions throughout the season.

Although the membership form is completed by the club rep and returned to the DLVGA secretary, ladies can join later in the year or by contacting the secretary direct (contact details below)

Minimum age for DLVGA membership is 55 years and the Annual Subscription is £6.00

DLVGA Secretary:  Alison Stacey

phone number:  07840 716818

email address:  astacey050@gmail.com

The Derbyshire Ladies Veteran Golf Association was formed in 1960 for county members aged 50 and above. The President elected was Miss Phyllis Evershed, Captain was Mrs Gertrude Thomas and Miss Dorothy Walton was secretary and treasurer.

The first competition was held at Erewash Valley Golf Club and as the association grew several of the founder members offered to give cups or trophies to play for, including the Joan Gee Cup, the Nancy Henriques Trophy, the Phyllis Evershed Team Trophy, the Gertrude Thomas Trophy and the Dorothy Walton Foursomes Trophy, all of which are still being played for.

Over the years Derbyshire have played against fellow Counties, including Staffordshire, Nottinghamshire, Leciestershire, Warwickshire and Lincolnshire. (The last two Counties are now longer played against.) In 1966 a Bronze team was proposed and they subsequently played against Leicestershire, Staffordshire and Nottinghamshire.

Over the years the Association became so popular that the age limit was raised to 55 and then to 60, but was reduced back down to 55 in 2016.

Most of the original rules laid down in 1960 still apply, with over 250 ladies taking an active part with membership form 22 Derbyshire clubs. This friendly association still has the same enthusiasm as was first envisaged by our founder members and in 2009 celebrated their Golden Jubilee at Erewash Valley Golf Club.