The following are now confirmed dates for the Futures & NextGen Tours and the booking form will be open from Monday 3rd May 2021. 

  • 13th June - Chesterfield GC
  • 20th June - Ashbourne GC
  • 11th July - Chatsworth GC
  • 25th July - Chevin GC
  • 15th August - Alfreton GC 
  • 22nd August - Stanedge GC
  • 29th August - Kedleston Park GC
  • 5th September - New Mills GC
  • 26th September - Breadsall Priory GC


The Futures Tour is in place to provide boys and girls (under 14yrs old) the opportunity to advance their golf skills and knowledge of the game through age appropriate 9-hole competition at a local level.

Our mission is to help children have fun learning the game of golf at an early age, make friends through golf and to encourage family interaction that builds lasting memories.

To enter the 2021 Futures Tour, players must be one or more of the following:

A member of a golf club in Derbyshire
Live in Derbyshire
Have been born in Derbyshire

There are 9 events in the Futures Tour this year. The Order of Merit will be made up of 8 events (best 4 scores to count). The last event will be a fun team event to introduce a new format to the players. Please note that caddies are allowed for players in the New2Golf category, and the U10/U9/U8 categories. Under 11 and older categories- caddies are not allowed. The cost to enter is £9 per event (£7 per event for New2Golf players). The full entry fee must be received before participation in the first event. 

There is still a non-competitive New2Golf category for beginners (U14) who are not yet wanting to be part of the main competitions. This is ideal for young players who have only recently started playing and want to 'have a go' in a more relaxed way, before entering an Order of Merit age category (scores will not be shared, no trophy to be won, can later move up to an OOM category). 


The NextGen Tour will be for Juniors with a WHS handicap index of 40 and below, who want to participate in 9 hole events. Prizes will only be awarded for Nett results only. 

These events will run alongside the Futures Tour utilising the same dates and venues.

It is the aim of this Tour to introduce Juniors to more formal golf where they will mark their own scorecards and be more independent on the golf course.

If you have any questions please get in touch.

Alice Lowe

Futures Tour Coordinator | County Girls Organiser 

To enter please use this link  - Active from 3rd May 2021

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