In preparation for the new 2024 season

here is a snapshot of GIRLS GOLF in derbyshire..............

Alice Lowe - County Girls Organiser

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Hiya girls,

Firstly, Id like to congratulate Imi, Ella, Eva and Olivia on their win at the Derbyshire Girls Championship at Kedleston (see photos and results in the website news page). It was nice to see everybody and catch up on what everyone has been doing, even though we couldn’t get too close. It was good to see how everyone had improved despite the lockdown and how people were remaining positive despite the current climate. Even though the year didn’t turn out as we expected or hoped, many positives can be taken from this year, such as us keeping the scratch trophy for another year, and I’m sure for many more years after as well. Another was the fantastic fundraiser speed golf event for sports relief that took place in March that raised over £1000. I hope to be a part of similar events in the future. I am positive that, as the team continues to grow stronger, Derbyshire will be celebrating many more handicap and scratch team victories, rather than the rarity a victory was when I first joined the team. Despite the lack of golf this season, it has been a privilege to have been Captain and a member of the team in previous years, and I wish everybody the best in the future, with golf inside Derbyshire and beyond.

Thanks, Lucy.