Derbyshire County Golf Ltd is the body that oversees golf throughout Derbyshire.  We are committed to equality and work for Men, Ladies, Juniors and Seniors in the County.

We welcome new players and new members alike, our aim is to increase participation in golf - for all ages.  Working closely with Golf Clubs in the County, England Golf and other external bodies we strive to make Derbyshire stronger.    

We run competitions which we hope you enjoy and take part in, all monies raised from the competitions goes back into the County to help fund training programmes for both the Derbyshire Squads and for Juniors new to the game.  Golf Clubs also benefit from Derbyshire County Golf by way of business advice and training courses aimed at maximising your Club's membership and profits.    

If you would like more information on anything Derbyshire Golf related, please get in touch with the County Secretary

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Volunteers Wanted

Our aim is to Make Derbyshire Stronger.  We believe that Derbyshire already has excellent Golf Courses, Facilities and Players, but we could be even better!

Therefore, our aim is to provide opportunities for golfers and non-golfers in Derbyshire to progress to where they want to be - whether this is simply to learn how to play golf, to lower their handicap or to play at County and/or National Level.   We provide these opportunities for all ages and all abilities.

Naturally, we need people to make things work.  This could be by offering a couple of hours to help run a competition, or maybe you have skills such as Marketing.  If you have an appetite for greater input, we have roles which take up considerable time.  Managing Golf in Derbyshire is an ongoing business and we will always need help.  So even if you can only offer help for a limited time - you will still be made welcome.
If you would like to help Make Derbyshire Stronger, and if you have time or skills you can offer, please just get in touch with the County Secretary.