Derbyshire County Golf

Girls Scratch
Sunday 14th July 2019
Ellie Treadwell Won 1 Hole Hannah Morrison 
Caprice Sanders Won 2 & 1 Ella Whaley 
Olivia Whittle Halved Jenna Ward 
Holly Branson Halved Lucy Pearson 
Erewash Valley Golf Club
Not played, injured Olivia Streets 
Singles Total 1 3

Scratch Match Captain’s Report – Norwood Park, Sunday 14th July 2019

Jenna Ward 


As most of you know, on Sunday we had our 3rd and 4th scratch matches of this season. It’s safe to say we were all very nervous when arriving as we knew we were undefeated so far (we had won our match against Lincolnshire and halved our match against Leicestershire). We all arrived early to get our practice in because we knew how important this day was. Dot the dragon was also there to show support to us with her new neck scarf/ cape thanks to County Ladies Captain Janet. Before we started, we had our usual team talk to remind everybody to do well, and Alice said she had a ‘very good feeling’ about today, and it’s safe to say she was absolutely right.

Our first match was against Shropshire and first on the tee was Hannah, there are no words to describe how good Hannah played in this match as she won 9/7, which is the earliest I’ve ever seen anybody win! Well done Hannah! Second on the tee we had Ella who had a tough opponent as she was off second, Ella was up most of the way through her round and managed to get her play right until the 18th where unfortunately she couldn’t win, but not to worry! Next on the tee was me, I was playing an opponent of a similar handicap and after I pared the first and she birdied it, I was not looking forward to the rest of the match, however I managed to win 5&4 and also had a very enjoyable round! Next on the tee we had Lucy, who also had an absolutely brilliant round against a hard opponent, winning 2&1. Finally we had Olivia last on the tee, who was playing her first ever scratch match and was very nervous to say the least! There was no reason for the nerves as Olivia started off 3 down but managed to bring it back and absolutely smash it winning her match 3&2 to an excellent player. We were all very excited and happy that we won this match 4&1! It definitely boosted our confidence for the real competition this afternoon, Staffordshire, as we have been beaten by them for years in a row. But we knew this time we could do it, with our team being as strong as ever.

Sadly Izzy was too ill to attend (we hope you’re feeling better). Fortunately for us we still had Olivia, however one of the Staffordshire players dropped out because of an injury, this meant we already had a match given to us which took a little pressure off (however we didn’t need it ;) ). First on the tee we had Hannah, who was playing a tough player and took her to the 18th and managed to win her match! We then had Ella who was very determined for this match and managed to win it 2&1! Next on the tee was me. I had a very tough round being down all the way round but managed to half my round after being 3 down with 4 to play! Last off we had Lucy who also had a difficult round but did an amazing job at halving her round! 

It was safe to say we all had an excellent day and we are improving as a team more and more every single day. Each and everyone one of the girls should be very proud of themselves and now we’re only one step away from being completely undefeated this year! Now on to beating Notts at Trent Lock!  

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