County Ladies v Senior Ladies

Here we have Lady Captain's version of events!

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Derbyshire Ladies versus Warwickshire Ladies

Kedleston Park GC - Sunday 13th May

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Ladies 1st Team 2018

Match Report - Ladies County Squad v Matlock Men

Venue: Matlock Golf Club
Date: Sunday 29 April 2018

We were almost rudderless without our Captain, who was enjoying the sunnier climes of Biarritz and entry in the French Seniors Open.

Thankfully Lancs was playing wing man (or should I say person - in these days of equality!) and a wonderful job she did too. Calming my nerves on the day. She’s always a great support and such a professional.

After the mini heatwave of the week before, expectations were high for a good day at Matlock on the 29th April. Sadly, that wasn’t to be and the Captain had kept all of the fine weather to herself having packed it in her suitcase the weekend before. Who would have thought she could be so selfish.

The Junior Spring meeting was in full flow and it was lovely to see so many players attending, despite the fine but cold weather.

President Paul was in attendance, as were Past Presidents Maggie and Margaret Mason and DCGL Chairman, Cynthia. It was great to see everyone. Paul, Alice, Richard and John were also busy organising the juniors and John Rawson was official starter.

Once the juniors were away and the Matlock men and Derbyshire squad were all in attendance, it was time to identify the pairings and opponents but before we did that we were able to announce the best news that Lesley Watson and Debbie Deakin not only secured the Best Nett and winners of the Midland Foursomes competition but they also managed to achieve the third best gross score too. What an amazing achievement and well done to them both.

The match was played in the best of spirits and great golf was to be had. Some amazing shots where made and there was a loud whoop when Alex made a wonderful drive from the 14th tee. Everyone was playing their best and it was wonderful to see them all out on the course

It was great to see the squad fighting for the win and to have Ruth and Lydia out with us again and everyone gave their best on the day. The result doesn’t do the games justice when I report that the Derbyshire squad lost 1.5 - 3.5 to the Matlock men.

All games but one went to the 18th and three games were halved. Not bad at all.

Our captain had organised a nice warm cuppa when we got in and provided some rather splendid cake, although we need to make a special request for more of the wonderful apple cake next time. Catrin tried to get seconds. Shush! Don’t tell her I said that.

Prizes were awarded and no expense was spared with the bars of chocolates and mini malteser packets, but everyone seemed to enjoy them.

All in all a great day, bit cold but everyone seemed to enjoy it and gave their all. Great job Team Derbyshire.

Onto our next County Week preparation at Kedleston on the 13th May v’s
Warwickshire. We welcome all supporters. Come along and see some great golf.

Janet Carlin
County Vice Captain 2018

Ladies 1st Team 2018

Match Report - Ladies County Squad v Mickleover Men

Well, can you believe it, we had the Beast from the East early on, then the Mini Beast from the East – then rain, rain, rain – not a good start having to cancel most things, including the match against Cheshire Ladies. Having said that Lorraine, Janet and myself did manage to tempt most people to training albeit freezing cold and with a hot supply of coffee, drinking chocolate and chocolate biscuits we all survived, although match fitness, for everyone, wasn’t at its best.

We were lucky, I use the word lucky loosely, in the sense that the weather was very cold and windy, but not raining, it had poured it down the two days before, but the course was open and we were eager (well I was) to get the squad on a course. The Derbyshire Team arrived, Janet and I unfolded the new DCG banner and we were off.

So onto the match, where shall I start ?! ….and it’s not an excuse but fact - the course was very wet, no roll on the fairways and the white tees were close on the heels of the red tees. We did get the usual 3 courtesy shots – I think we should have had more but I’d have been faced with a clubhouse riot had the subject of extra shots been raised again.

You ask any Mickleover member, we were up against a strong side – so a competitive match was on the cards.Although we lost 5-0 – oops - there were honestly lots of positives to take out of it :-

Kim Bradbury showed her excellence from the start with Cat Russell in good form at her side, a most memorable shot by Kim was from a fairway bunker on the 9th to put the ball about 3ft from the pin – awesome. The chaps were receiving 1 & 4 shots respectively from Kim.

Alison & Carol were battling on through the match with Carol putting her knee replacement to the test – it got her around the course with no trouble and proved to be well on the mend. They were giving Matt 18 shots – his handicap has surely got to reduce during the season.

Alex & Libby had a great battle only losing 2&1 and receiving only 2 & 4 shots respectively with lots of banter along the way.

It’s the beginning of the season – lots to practice and lots of practice matches ahead – Mickleover Men, looking back through the results, were always going to be tough – but it shows us where we need to be and where we need to get to – a loss is always an awakener to push us forward into the next match, which we will do for sure, and seeing as this report is late, my fault due to holidays, etc, sorry, you’ll see from the Matlock Match against the men that our game is improving as the season progresses.

We have great strength and depth in the squad and are in a strong and determined position going forward.

Thank you all for playing. Thank you to Shelagh for supporting, Debbie Deakin & Chris Bull for the lovely idea of opening the halfway house for hot drinks and cake which were most welcome on such a cold day, and as always my Vice Captain for all her help on the day – thanks Janet.

A note has been sent to John Wright and Sam Gilbert thanking them for their help and assistance in organising the match – an enjoyable, friendly and competitive team to be with – thank you.

Our next Match is against Warwickshire Ladies Sunday 13 May at Kedleston Park, 11am tee should anyone like to come along you’d be most welcome.

Onward and upward – as our mantra says :–
IMAGINE the shot – BELIEVE in the shot – ACHIEVE the shot

….. a strong and determined performance.

Judy Gascoigne
County Captain 2018