1st Team announcement for the Midland north region -  county match week.
  1. Bethany Charlton - Matlock
  2. Melanie Davey - Chesterfield
  3. Harriet Evans - Tapton Park/Notts Ladies
  4. Grace Harrison - Chevin
  5. Libby Harrison - Chevin
  6. Sarah Lundy - Matlock
  7. Millie Mee - Horsley Lodge
  8. Eva Myers - Chesterfield
  9. Imogen Rafferty - Breadsall Priory
  10. Catrin Russell - Chevin
  11. Olivia Streets - Chesterfield
  12. Jenna Ward - Matlock


Over the 2 and a half days of competition Derbyshire will play 5 other counties. Each day will consist of 2 foursomes matches and 3 singles matches playing at the same time. Below are the dates and times of the matches. 

County Week Match Report

Holme Hall GC 16th - 18th June 2023

This year we were in the fortunate position to have a squad with a fabulous mixture of juniors and experienced players giving us strength in depth with a great team spirit. Returning to the squad after a couple of years out was Harriet Evans and also joining the team 3 very talented juniors, Olivia Streets, Eva Myers and Millie Mee. Following our Practice round on the 15th June the squad were keen to get the matches under way.

Like last year we had a tough start on day 1, drawn against Nottinghamshire (last year’s winners) for the morning session. The weather was extremely hot and the course very dry and bouncy. First out and saw Grace Harrison and Eva Myers produce a 7&6 win, these two proved to be an awesome pairing throughout the week. Our 2nd Foursomes match Beth Charlton and first appearance for Olivia Streets came up against strong opponents, so it was down to the Singles it was very tense, but despite grit and determination and some excellent golf we narrowly lost the last two games 2 &1 and 1 down.

Final result 4-1 to Nottinghamshire.

The afternoon session saw us taking on Shropshire, Grace & Eva secured a half and new pairing Beth and Melanie Davey winning 1 up, another pairing that were to prove to be a formidable duo. Imogen Rafferty first out in the singles secured a great half, now on 2 points we were looking at one of the last two singles matches to bring in a win. Unfortunately we couldn’t get over the finish line but it was nail bitingly close.    

Final result 3-2 to Shropshire.

Fresh after a good nights’ sleep the team were in good spirits as it was still all to play for. Day two and the weather was getting hotter, after a trip to get ice and more water! With renewed vigour and plenty of supporters to cheer us on the team were ready to face Staffordshire in the morning session. This time Grace & Eva lost 2&1 to a very experienced Staffordshire pairing. Beth and Mel had another excellent win 3&1 and Harriet Evans first out in the singles secured a great win 3&1. So with 2 points in we were again looking at the last two singles matches and Imogen finally secured our 3rd point winning 3&2.    

Final result 3-2 to Derbyshire.

Spurred on after the win in the morning we faced Leicestershire and Rutland in the afternoon. Again our pairing of Grace and Eva secured the first win winning 3&2, followed by a great half from Beth and Mel as they were behind for most of the match.  Harriet came in first from the singles with a great 3&2, so we knew the half match was secured but wanted the win from one of the last 2 singles matches. This was left to Imogen out last and the whole of the squad and supporters were there to cheer her on when she reached the 17th all square. She managed to win that hole and finally secured the match win as she couldn’t lose going down 18th 1 up. She also won this hole bringing in a 2 up win. The team had showed great determination and support for each other and were over joyed with our 2 wins.

Final result 3.5-1.5 to Derbyshire.

Day 3 already and at this point we knew we couldn’t win the event as our opponents that day were the very strong Lincolnshire team whom had won all their matches. However we were tied in 3rd place at this point and wanted to place well. It was going to be tough task but I knew the team were up for the challenge. Today I decided to split the foursomes pairing of Grace and Eva. Eva was paired in the foursomes with Millie Mee her first appearance at County week and what a junior combination that proved to be winning their match 7&5. Despite a valiant battle by Beth and Mel they lost 3&2. Again down to the singles, we were all square in two matches Grace and Imogen both took their matches to the 18th but unfortunately it didn’t go their way, such a great effort by the whole team.

Final result 4-1 to Lincolnshire.

We eventually finished in 4th Place which could have easily have been better had some of the matches gone our way. I am very proud of the Squad and how they gelled as a team giving 100%   and we definitely have a strong team to build on going forward.

Highlights of the week for me were the how the team supported each other, how our very talented juniors stepped up and took it in their stride. Eva winning 3 ½ points out of a possible 5 and still only 14 years old. Every one of the squad contributed to a very successful and enjoyable 3 days, those that didn’t play caddied and supported, they were a truly amazing team.  It would also be remiss of me not to mention our County President Pete McGrath who joined us for the 4 days. Pete had never really attended anything like this and he was blown away by the county match week as he didn’t realise how pressured it was. So much so he made a speech to the squad on the last night that didn’t leave a dry eye in the room, thank you Pete for all your support and encouragement.

Finally, thanks to my Vice- Captain Fiona for all her support and for keeping me sane, and driving me around the course in the buggy (although I do think we should have had sirens on it) and to also the many people who came out to support the squad it is much appreciated. Thanks also to Holme Golf Club and Lincolnshire for hosting a great event.

Many congratulations and good luck to Lincolnshire, they will go to the England finals representing the Midlands North region in September.

I very much look forward to supporting Fiona at Burton GC when Derbyshire will host County Match Week in 2024.

Deb Eaglefield

County Captain 2023

Here is a link to the Lincolnshire LCGA website who are MNR County Week Hosts 2023

Current standings and results 2023

Friday 16 June

Nottinghamshire :  amDerbyshire 1    Nottinghamshire 4

A win in the Foursomes for Grace Harrison and Eva Myers

Friday 16 June

Shropshire : pmDerbyshire 2  Shropshire 3

win in the Foursomes for Beth Charlton and Mel Davey and halves for Grace Harrison and Eva Myers along with Imogen Rafferty  in the Singles.

Saturday 17 June

Staffordshire : am -  Derbyshire 3  Staffordshire 2

Another win in the Foursomes for Beth Charlton and Mel Davey and wins also in the Singles for Harriet Evans and Imogen Rafferty.

Saturday 17 June

Leicestershire and Rutland: pm -  Derbyshire 3.5 Leicestershire and Rutland 1.5

Another win in the Foursomes for Grace Harrison and Eva Myers with a half for Beth Charlton and Mel Davey. Wins in the Singles for Harriet Evans and Imogen Rafferty.

Sunday 18 June

Lincolnshire : am -  Derbyshire 1  Lincolnshire 4

A win in the Foursomes for Eva Myers and Millie Mee and two close Singles matches rounded off a good week for Derbyshire.

Final Standings
                P   W    H     L     Pts   Games Won
Lincolnshire    5   5    0     0     10      22
Shropshire      5   4    0     1     8       14      
Nottinghamshire 5   3    0     2     6       13

Derbyshire      5   2    0     3     4       10.5      

Staffordshire   5   1    0     4     2       8.5

Leicestershire  5   0    0     5     0       7 

Supporters for this event would be most welcome - 

Deb Eaglefield - County Captain 2023