Sunday 14th October 2018 - Brailsford GC

Winners Libby Anderson (South Chesterfield) and Carol Gladwin (Chesterfield)

Isobel Kelly (Erewash Valley) was presented with the Carol Hill Trophy and Claudia Weeks (Chevin) was presented with the Novice Bowl. These trophies are to celebrate the improvements the girls have made over the past year- both based on their golfing ability and their confidence.

Arriving at Brailsford Golf Club in the pouring rain was not what I had imagined a couple of days earlier. After an informal vote we made the decision to run a 12-hole competition, which the course lent itself perfectly to. It was lovely to have (almost!) all competitors keen and willing to go out and enjoy the event despite the non-stop downpour.

Brailsford Golf Club were excellent hosts. We were well supported out on the course by starters and ball spotters, and the sandwiches and chips were
a welcome treat for all 44 competitors to come in to after getting drenched!

We raised £131 for the County Girls through the raffle on the day. Thank you to everyone who donated prizes and bought tickets, this will go towards running fun events in 2019 which will include Derbyshire girls of all ages and abilities.

Well done to everyone who played and thank you very much for supporting the event, look forward to seeing you again next year!

Alice x

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Review of the Season and Girls Summer Meeting 2018

Matlock Golf Club - August 24th

Hi Everyone

Following the success of our final matches on 20th August I am very pleased to attach the completed 2018 league tables showing that Derbyshire Girls have come joined 3rd in the scratch league and 2nd in the handicap league.

This is a tremendous improvement on our finishing positions over the last 3 + years and I want to thank everyone who has contributed to make this possible   

You can read Imogen’s latest brilliant match report in the Nottingham section below:

Our next and final event for 2018, the Centenary Salvers, will be on Sunday 14th October at Brailsford GC.

There will be 18 hole and 11 hole options. First tee from about 11am, food after the game. It is a pairs competition where you will be matched up with one of the ladies who have entered.

Although I will send out more details and a reminder nearer the time, if you are interested in playing please just let me know via email.  

Kind regards 

Alice Lowe 

Derbyshire County Golf

Futures Tour Coordinator/ County Girls Organiser/ U14s Assistant Manager

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Derbyshire Girls v Nottinghamshire Girls 2018

Results sheet v Nottinghamshire

Imogen’s Final Report!

The final scratch match was upon us, and what a great season we had had so far! And we all wanted to top it off with a win against Notts...

I woke up with full confidence in my girls, I knew we could do it with our great skill and determination. However, we did have a minor scare just before tee off, with Hannah still not arrived. We knew she often cuts it fine with tee offs but this time she was lost! Thankfully, my dad did a wonderful sat-nav impression for Ashley, and he got them there safely!

At halfway, every player was up in their matches- could we see this through to an amazing victory?

I got the first point with a 7 & 5 win, with Lucy bringing home the next one with 3& 1 (a great birdie on the final hole). All the other matches were so close, and the atmosphere was so tense! Hannah couldn’t quite overcome her opponent losing 1 down on the last but played really well against a great player. Jenna lost her match on the 17th but it was so close and well played! So that meant that it was all down to our youngest debutant scratch player-Ella! She was 1 down with 2 to play but the whole team were behind her and we were so confident that she could do it.

After winning the 17th with a wonderful par, both the tense atmosphere and crowd were growing bigger and bigger. After splitting the fairway on the last, she put her second in a hazard. Her opponent after missing the fairway by a long way, had some remarkable good fortune with her recovery shot- it went through trees and somehow finished on the fairway. I know I shouldn’t have been thinking this but I was praying that the Notts girl would fat it into the water (and I don’t think I was alone). Luckily, my prayers were answered and the door was open for Ella to hit a lovely shot onto the green and close out the match showing INCREDIBLE skill and nerve. We won with the last shot in the last match on the last hole!!! It is safe to say that Derbyshire were ecstatic when Ella held her final winning putt, us all running to congratulate her on amazing golf. We had beaten Nottinghamshire 3:2!

Buzzing, we went to play pirate adventure golf which was great fun and I didn’t come last this time (thanks Hannah ;)).

Thank you to the parents (and grandparents) for all the wonderful support, not just today but for the whole season. We could never do this without you taxiing us round the country! Thank you to Alice for being such an amazing team manager. You keep us positive and are always supporting us- we really appreciate everything you do.

A final thank you to all the Derbyshire girls squad, we have showed amazing skill, determination and team spirit. We have had our best season in years – with 2 wins and a half – and have all improved so much this season and I am proud of each and every one of you.

We are a really close team- it has been an absolute privilege to be your captain.

Imi xx

Also played on the day was a handicap match against Lincolnshire.

Results sheet v Lincolnshire

Derbyshire Girls v Shropshire & Staffordshire 2018

The Girls Team took part in the MNR Scratch Meet on the 14th July at Telford GC.

Here are the results from the matches and a full report from Team Captain Imogen Rafferty.

Match Result v Shropshire

Match Result v Staffordshire

What an amazing couple of days for Derbyshire Girls. Where do we begin? The girls – except for Hannah who couldn’t get there until midnight – arrived at Telford on Friday evening and had a “healthy” team meal near the hotel. After much deliberation (from Jenna) we ordered an array of burgers, smothered chicken and ribs followed by sundaes and brownies. And after watching flyover videos of the course in Jenna’s room with an excellent commentary J we knew to remember the mid-iron approaches and demaaanding holes!! In short, we were ready to take on whatever Shropshire and Staffordshire could throw at us.

First up were Shropshire. Telford is their home course – so we knew it would be tough – but I was fully confident in the team and how right I was proven. I got the first win, with a 5&3 victory. Lucy was next to win with an excellent 2&1 triumph. Could this be our first scratch team win for 2 years? We didn’t have long to wait before Jenna brought home the winning point with a fantastic 2&1 win. The whitewash wasn’t quite achieved – Hannah unfortunately lost her match on the last hole but played brilliantly. And Jess got her first half point in the last match with a tremendous battling draw against a much lower handicapper.

We were buzzing after this brilliant 3.5 – 1.5 win over the home team and spent our lunch plotting how we could turnover Staffordshire, our arch rivals!!

After concluding that losing was not an option (thanks Jenna) and exchanging inspiring words, we went out to battle.

What a performance against a very strong Staffs team. I got the first point on the board with a 6&5 win which allowed me to support my team mates who were all in tight matches. After caddying for Hannah, who displayed impressive drive and positivity, she finally conceded defeat to a much lower handicapper on the 17th hole. Although disappointed, she played really well and should be very proud. Next up was Lucy who after struggling with her irons all round came back from 3 down to achieve an amazing victory 2 Up on the last. What amazing strength and character! We were 2-1 up and I must admit I was getting very excited. However, Jenna and Izzy couldn’t quite overcome lower handicap opponents both going down narrowly. What a debut for 10 year old Isobel – you were truly impressive and I look forwards to playing with you for many years to come. We lost 3-2 – but we must remember that Staffs have beaten us 5-0 for the last 2 years. We scared the life out of them and will definitely beat them next time!!

A special mention for Jess Cruz and her family who despite not playing, stayed for the afternoon matches and was a brilliant cheerleader along with Alice and the other parents.

Again, a big thank you to Alice for her excellent organisation and leadership, we could never have done this without you – and also to all of the parents for taking so much time out to help and support the team.

I couldn’t be more proud of our Derbyshire Girls team! It was telling that we were the tightest group there, always supporting each other, making each other laugh and we were the last team there celebrating our successes. Only one thing left to say – Notts we are coming to get you!!

Imi xx

Girls Golf Fixtures 2018

  • Sunday 15th April - Handicap team v Shropshire - Druids Heath GC
  • Sunday 22nd April - Scratch Match 1 - Leics & Lincs - Ashbourne GC
  • Tuesday 29th May - Handicap team v Staffordshire - Burton on Trent GC
  • Saturday 14th July - Scratch Match 2 - Shrops & Staffs - Telford GC
  • Monday 13th August - Midland North Region Champs – Patshull Park GC
  • Monday 20th August - Girls MNR Finals Day- Final Scratch Match v Notts – Trent Lock GC
  • Friday 24th August - Girls Summer Meeting - Matlock GC
  • Sunday 14th October - Centenary Salvers - Brailsford GC

Girls Golf Match Reports 2018

There was a fine win for the Girls in their opening match at Druids Heath GC.

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Captain Imogen Rafferty has given the following report for the matches against Leicestershire and Lincolnshire at Ashbourne:

What a  great day at Ashbourne for the Derbyshire Girls as we started the season with scratch matches against Leicestershire and Lincolnshire.  We knew the matches would be tough – as we lost all our games last year – but I had a good feeling about today and huge faith in the team.

First up Leicestershire with Hannah leading the way, followed by me, Lucy, Jenna, and Jess making her scratch team debut.  What a performance!!  We all played great and showed great character.  Lucy got her first scratch match win with an impressive 4 & 3 victory, and I managed to sneak my match 8 & 6!!  Hannah managed to halve her match with an excellent 8 on the last ;), showing great nerve to hold the final putt.  Jess battled hard against a much lower handicapper before finally conceding defeat and Jenna so nearly won the match for us only losing her match on the 18th.  It couldn’t have been closer but we were delighted to draw the match 2 ½  - 2 ½.

We barely had time to congratulate each other (or eat our lunch) before we had to go out again against a very strong Lincolnshire team.  We had Eleanor making her scratch team debut where her opponent’s handicap was over half hers, and to get so far showed amazing determination and great golf.  I was also very impressed with Hannah, taking a 3 handicapper to the 17th, even after witnessing her incredible birdie, birdie, par, birdie start! I also learned that it is not as great idea to give such good golfers 4 hole head starts, and Lucy and Jenna put up battling performances in defeat.

Thanks to all the parents for coming and supporting the team, Maggie for the motivating card, and it was lovely to see Sally Benn, who was the organiser when I made my county scratch debut 4 years ago. But especially thank you to Alice who organised the event, and most importantly drove the team forward and supported us for every match.

I am extremely proud of the whole team yesterday, we all showed great team spirit, determination, and ability. We also had a really great day, and thank you all for coming and playing so brilliantly. Now after such a promising start, leaving us all motivated to improve- I say bring on Staffordshire!

Centenary Salvers

I thoroughly enjoyed the day at Broughton Heath and I hope you all did too! It’s a brilliant way to end the season and I saw some fantastic golf being played. Derbyshire is lucky to have such a great group of girl golfers and it really is exciting and very rewarding being part of their progress. Ladies, thank you for your support, please keep up the great work you are doing to encourage and welcome girls into golf at your clubs.

Alice Lowe

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