Derbyshire County Golf

Entrant List for Bretby Cup - Men 4BBB

60 players have been signed up for this competition as of 1:07 PM Thursday 29th July

Jason Curzon (Chevin)
Peter Hays (Chevin)
Rod Anderson (Chevin)
Kevin Ash (Bakewell)
Steve Bailey (Shirland)
John Baker (Shirland Golf Club)
Vernon Bamber (Bakewell)
Chris Barnes (Bakewell)
Gary Barrass (Chevin)
Timothy Beckerson (Chevin)
Robert Birds (Bakewell)
Stephen Boam (Bakewell)
Martin Booth (Chevin)
Kevan Brassington (Bakewell)
Chris Brooks (Alfreton Golf Club)
Mark Brooks (Alfreton Golf Club)
Mark Buckley (Chevin)
Phil Buckley (Bakewell)
Andrew Burnham (Alfreton Golf Club)
Steven Butt (Chevin)
Richard Coates (Shirland Golf Club)
James Cox (Chevin)
Jonathon Ellks (Shirland Golf Club)
Marius Espag (Chevin)
Bob Gascoigne (Alfreton Golf Club)
Nick Gilmore (Bakewell)
George Goodfellow (Chevin)
Harry Gray (Chevin)
Bob Green (Alfreton)
Gary Griffiths (Alfreton Golf Club)
Derrick Hardman (Alfreton)
Bobby Ho (Chevin)
Stephen Horsley (Chevin)
Graham Lunn (Alfreton)
David Mackenzie (Chevin)
Tim McNeilly (Alfreton)
Paul Mellor (Shirland)
Gerry Nash (Chevin)
Derek Northin (Bakewell)
Ben Osbaldeston (Shirland Golf Club)
Jeff Ottewell (Chevin)
Jordan Palmer (Bakewell)
Richard Parsons (Shirland)
Gordon Paterson (Bakewell)
Craig Peach (Shirland Golf Club)
Dan Preston (Shirland Golf Club)
Nick Seals (Chevin)
Patrick Selby (Chevin)
Fraser Shaw (Chevin)
Daniel Sheldon (Shirland)
Kevin Shipley (Chevin)
Darren Smith (Shirland Golf Club)
Stephen Stone (Shirland)
Luke Thorpe (Bakewell)
Jeff Thuburn (Chevin)
Christian Townsend (Alfreton)
Nino Di Tullio (Chevin)
Phil Walters (Alfreton Golf Club)
Stuart Walters (Alfreton Golf Club)
George Wishart (Chevin)

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