Henriques Challenge Cup and Leo Feeney Memorial

Sunday 10th June 2018 - Buxton and High Peak GC

A glorious sunny day in North Derbyshire for the golfers.

Our thanks to Buxton and High Peak Golf Club for allowing us to host the competition, the course was a credit to all and we were well looked after by the club house staff. Thanks to the President, Paul Longden and Jimmy Feeney who acted as starters on the day keeping all in line!

Congratulations to Reece Swain (pictured left) of Cavendish GC who successfully defended the Henriques Trophy he won in 2017 and to Josh Thorley of Chevin GC who shot rounds of 69 and 70 gross on the day to win the Leo Feeney Memorial.



Sunday 10th June 2018

START SHEET - updated 7th June 2018

Open to Amateur members of Clubs affiliated to Derbyshire County Golf who have declared that Club as their home club for handicapping purposes and have a Club Handicap of not more than 7 at closing date of entry.     Competitors will play in the competition from their playing handicap as at the day of the event unless this increases their handicap above the maximum for the event (they will play off 7 handicap)

THE HENRIQUES CUP: Will be held by the winner (Scratch) for twelve months. The winner of the Henriques Cup must be under 25 years of age on the day of the competition and must not have been awarded his County Colours. In the event of a tie the Cup will be held jointly. The prizes will be decided on a card play off decided over the last 18,9.6,3,2 or 1 holes in that order.

THE LEO FEENEY MEMORIAL TROPHY: Will be open to players not eligible to compete for the Henriques Cup. The Trophy will be held by the winner (Scratch) for twelve months. In the event of a tie the Cup will be held jointly. The prizes will be decided on a card play off decided over the last 18,9.6,3,2 or 1 holes in that order. There will be other Gross and Net prizes.

Consistent with England Golf Championships phone based DMD’s are not allowed.
Golf ride on buggies-players must not ride on any form of transportation unless authorized by the Derbyshire County Golf Championship Committee (see England Golf Transportation Policy)

Derbyshire County Golf cannot accept responsibility for thefts and/or accidents. Players participating in Championships must carry their own insurance cover.

All meals required must be ordered direct from the caterer at the Host Club at least one week before. 


2018  Reece Swain  Josh Thorley
2017  Reece Swain  George Bloor
2016  George Bloor  Dave Bainbridge
2015 George Bloor
Tom Hamson
2014  S Claypole P Gration 
2013  R Wesseling C Young
2012  J Strutt  J Bishop
2011 B Moore D Tomlinson
2010 N Newbold J Booth
2009 D Tomlinson/L Sinnott/J Booth M Gayes
2008 J Booth D Coop
2007 S Glossop / G Thacker J Feeney / G Shaw / A Oates
2006 D.Coop J.Prince
2005 N.Taylor J.P.Feeney
2004 J.Lynch/A.Willis J.Bishop
2003 G.Woolgar A.Oates
2002 R.Duff J.Whatley
2001 J. Whatley P. Gration
2000 J. Prince P. Gration
1999 D. J. Walker P. Eastwood
1998 P. Gration A. S. Humpston
1997 G. White G. Shaw
1996 D. Bartlett A. Oates
1995 A. Dalton A.S. Humpston
1994 R. Essex G. Shaw
1993 S. Hibbert G. Shaw
1992 M.Rawson G. Shaw
1991 N. Wylde I. Whyatt
1990 D. Bartlett  
1989 R. P. Fletcher. D.Longden  
1988 J. Allsop  
1987 S. Hibbert  
1986 M. Mansell  
1985 S. Hibbert  
1984 G. Glynn  
1983 J. Feeney  
1982 J. Feeney  
1981 James Annable  
1980 M. P.Higgins  
1979 I. Whyatt  
1978 C. D. Hall/S. Brook  
1977 A. E. Kirk  
1976 J. E. Roberts  
1975 J. E. Roberts  
1974 M. Walsh  
1973 M. H. Pigott  
1972 R. J. Ling  
1971 J. Annable  
1970 T. J. Hanson  
1969 P. F. Creswell  
1968 P. A. Owen  
1967 N. Rogers  
1966 J. Beddington  
1965 C.G Packham  
1964 A.F. Simms  
1963 F.R. Parry  
1962 J.H. Kirk  
1961 D. Moss  
1960 R. Sharpe  
1958 J. Gouldsworthy  
1957 P. Irvine  
1956 G. Armitt  

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